Corns & Callus

One of the most common reasons people seek treatment from a podiatrist is to deal with callus or corns as they can cause discomfort and pain which can be an issue when walking.

Some corns and callus on the base of a foot.
Example of Corns and Callus.

Pressure is the biggest factor in the formation of corns and callus. Compressive forces (from walking) cause a response from the skin to produce callosities. This first layer can be protective, and an advantage, but they can very quickly become painful if they progress.

A corn is a small, conical structure that is formed as a response to pressure. Its usually on a prominent area which gets more pressure than other areas. They are very hard and often cause significant pain. Common locations are, on the tops of toes, between toes and on the bottom of feet.

Corns and callus can be very successfully treated by the skilled hand of a Podiatrist. They can use a scalpel to painlessly remove corns and callus. The aim for treatment is to then prevent the structures reforming. This can often be done by changing footwear or redistributing pressure with insole modifications or silicone devices.

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